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October 2016 PITN



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Where Was Christ Crucified?
Bob Cornuke unveils the truth about the true location of Calvary, that famous hilltop located near a gate into Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was thought to have been crucified. Bob will take you on a journey to the place of the skull, better known as Golgotha. He sets aside the emotionally-held traditions of the past and opens the door to a new way of finding the biblical site of the crucifixion. Using the compass of solid evidence, Bob charts a course for discovery that will thrill you … on his quest for the truth.

Kevin’s Korner

Why Government Without God Will Never Be Good
Dr. Kevin Clarkson correlates the book of Daniel to the government of the United States. He examines the Scriptures in Daniel in regards to the four beasts and the description that Daniel reveals. Each beast represents a world government. In Daniel’s dream, he was told that the fourth beast will be the last, and it will have dominion over the entire world. That, my friend, is the One World Government.

Moses (Part 2)
J.R. Church teaches us that the first five trips that Moses took to the top of Mount Sinai are parallel to the first five great dispensations of human history. In Part Two, he continues with the Dispensation of Conscience, Human Government, the Patriarchs, and concludes with the Dispensation of Law.

Prophecy Thread Devotion by Jeff Swanson

Three Important Christian Admonishments for Today
Our friend in Christ, Tony Galante, has written a fantastic article on the subject of “admonishment” which means, “to give warning.” He goes into great detail about the meaning of three special “admonishments.” First regards the Lord’s return. Next is the evil that is in the world today. And last is how God’s Word plays a crucial role in our daily lives. You will agree that the days are getting closer to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Secrets & Lies: The Saudi Arabia-Clinton Foundation Connection
Jerry Robinson is an economist and head of an investment research firm called “Follow the Money.” The author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation, Jerry has written a very informative and easy to understand article regarding the Clinton Foundation. He will explain how the Saudis are involved with this organization. You will learn if the foundation is truly a “pay-for-play” institution.

The Whole World’s Discombobulated!
Doug Woodward writes about how the whole world is suffering from frustration and confusion as it waits for the anticipation of the next U.S. presidential election. Doug explores how the past few months have seen the geopolitical scene change drastically across the entire world. Is it possible that we could have a war with Russia or China before the election?

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News