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Twenty-four Bible prophecy experts joined PITN in Orlando, FL on March 28-30, 2014. Hear messages from the Word of God on Bible prophecy, science and archaeology, along with cutting-edge information by many familiar names in the world of prophecy.

Set 1 DVD841 (13 presentations)
1. Conference Opening- Gary Stearman
2. Shofar Testimonial- Patrick Hadley
3. Surprising Revelations Before the Day of the Lord- Gary Stearman
4. Close Encounters of the 4th Kind- Doug Woodward
5. Interview with Doug Woodward
6. The White House’s Role in the Middle East
7. Return of the Days of Noah: Fallen Angels, ET’s and Occult Technology- Paul McGuire
8. Showdown with Russia: Putin, Obama, the Ukraine & Islam- Avi Lipkin
9. Interview with Avi Lipkin
10. The Lost Rapture & the Great Cover-Up- Doc Marquis
11. Dictators of the Illuminati- Doc Marquis
12. Advanced Spiritual Warfare- Russ Dizdar
13. Building a Financial Game Plan For the End Times- Jerry Robinson
Set 2 DVD842 (12 presentations)
1. Peru: Take Two- DNA Evidence and the Alien Implant Connection- L.A. Marzulli
2. Interview with L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw
3. The Most Mistaken Identity- Chuck Missler
4. Q & A: Answering All Your Prophetic Questions- Gary Stearman & Chuck Missler
5. How and When Will the US Dollar Collapse?- Jerry Robinson
6. Interview with Jerry Robinson
7. Mars and the Evidence for a Pre-Adamic Earth- Doug Woodward
8. The Shroud of Turin: Reinforcing the Resurrection – Russ Breault
9. Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?- Doug Stauffer
10. Interview with Douglas Stauffer
11. The Coming Antichrist & the Satanic Revival- Paul McGuire
12. As in the Days of Noah: The Coming Pole Shift- Brent Miller Sr.
Set 3 DVD843 (12 presentations)
1. Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs- Mark Biltz
2. How Christians Will Be Duped into Welcoming the Antichrist- Derek Gilbert
3. Reinforcing the Resurrection: Prophetic Implications of the Shroud of Turin- Russ Breault
4. Hebrew: Breaking the Prophetic Code- Danny Ben Gigi
5. Connecting the Dots in the Middle East- Danny Ben Gigi
6. Look Up Your Eyes and Look on the Fields- Claudia Koenig
7. John Kerry & the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process- Avi Lipkin
8. The Islamization of America- Avi Lipkin
9. Crowdsourcing the Antichrist- Sharon Gilbert
10. When the Blessed Hope Becomes the Blessed Reality- Doug Stauffer
11. The Pre-Trib Prophecies: Examing the Evidence- Bill Salus
12. The Black Awakening: Chaos Gone Global- Russ Dizdar
Set 4 (DVD844) (13 presentations)
1. Things To Come and the Mystery of the Shemitah- Jonathan Cahn
2. Interview with Jonathan Cahn
3. The Most Irrefutable Argument- Chuck Missler
4. Interview with Chuck Missler
5. The 6,000 Year Old Quest for World Control- Bill Federer
6. Interview with Bill Federer
7. Interview with Mark Biltz
8. Navigating the Revelation Roadmap: 7 Timelines- David Hamblin
9. The Valley of Decision: War in Heaven & the Wedding Feast- David Hamblin
10. Revelations of the Apocalypse & the Illuminati Trading Cards- Doc Marquis
11. Interview with Doc Marquis
12. The Ominous and Imminent Fate of the United States-Doug Woodward
13. The Torah Codes: The Modern Ephod- Richard Shaw
Set 5 DVD845 (13 presentations)
1. Psalm 83 or Gog and Magog: What’s Next?- Bill Salus
2. Interview with Bill Salus
3. Flying in Plain Sight: The Worldwide UFO Explosion- L.A. Marzulli
4. Ancient Angelic Technologies- Richard Shaw
5. America in Prophecy: Planned Chaos- Paul McGuire
6. Interview with Paul McGuire
7. Googling the Apocalypse: Your PC and the New World Religion- Derek Gilbert
8. Interview with Sharon Gilbert
9. Amazing Secrets: Hidden Gems Concealed in Hebrew- Danny Ben Gigi
10. Interview with Danny Ben Gigi
11. The Evolution of Armageddon- Russ Dizdar
12. Mirror, Mirror: Controlling Minds Through Fiction- Sharon Gilbert
13. Closing Comments- Gary Stearman

Only available in paper sleeves

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