September 2018 PITN

September 2018 PITN



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Common Sense Creation
Terri McInnis, the daughter of Dr. J.R. and Linda Church, has written another outstanding article. She has done extensive research on the age of creation and has arrived at the conclusion that there is no such thing as the “Gap Theory.”

Gospel Written in the Stars (Part 4)
Dr. J. R. Church continues his analysis of the heavenly stars and the reason why God intricately placed them. The Gospel story is displayed for all to see and understand it is the motive for God’s plan.

Amazing Discoveries by Terri McInnis
In these biblical times, we live in seeing the amazing discoveries unfold.

As It Was in the Days of Noah
Jerry Robinson has written a phenomenal article comparing the days of Noah to the events that are taking place today. God’s judgment will soon be here. Are you ready?

Lyn’s Letters
As we have the opportunity, we will give some biblical answers and our reflections on questions we receive at Prophecy in the News. You’re Questions Answered by Lyn Leahz.

The Deadly End Times Plague That Causes Itching Ears!
Our new host, Lyn Leahz, has written a fabulous article on the con­fusion and misconception surrounding the act of repentance. Even God’s people sin and turn away from the Lord.

Fake News is Nothing New (Part 1)
Dr. Kevin Clarkson takes us on a journey through history to exam­ine the many false messiahs that have deceived the Jewish people since their rejection of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah.

The Reality of Hell (Part 1)
Evangelist, Don Perkins examines the perception of Hell. He pro­claims that the doctrine of Hell is a forgotten teaching in the local church. It is either watered down or not taught at all.

13 Things the Bible Tells Us About the Coming False Prophet (Part 2)
Dr. Don Manley examines the false prophet who will rise to interna­tional prominence during Satan’s reign of terror. The false prophets’ main goal is to keep people from accepting Christ as their Savior.

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