Explore the Mastery with Russ Breault, he has been researching and lecturing on the Shroud for over 25 years. He has participated in nearly every scientific symposium on the subject and has been featured in numerous national documentaries. He is President and Founder of The Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc.

The Message of the Shroud Past, Present, and Future – DVD

Did the Shroud influence ancient icons of Jesus? What role did icons play in early Christianity? How does the Byzantine or Orthodox view of icons differ from s Latin or Catholic view? What is the message of the Shroud for today? Does the Shroud hold a prophetic message for the future?
Are there other evidences for the Resurrection?

Would God use evidence? – DVD

What is the heart of God?
How does evidence relate to faith?
Can the Shroud be considered an apologetic?
Is the Shroud a relic?
Would God have preserved an image?
What about the 2nd Commandment?
Is there a prophetic message for Israel?

Seven Secrets of the Sacred Shroud – DVD

The Secrets:

  • The Mystery
  • When is a scorch NOT a scorch?
  • The Witness
  • The Receipt
  • Theology of Linen
  • Power of Transformation
  • The Face

Understanding the Shroud of Turn

With this package you will receive three DVD’s plus bonus materials!

  • Anatomy of the Crucifixion – (leaflet)
  • The history, and the science – (leaflet)
  • A 15 page booklet with information on the blood, the image, the cause, how old, mysteries, answer, and much more.
  • A photo of the face of the Shroud

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 1 in

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