The History of (Volume 1)

The History of Prophecy in the News (Volume 1)



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In the earlier years, in Lubbock, Texas, the very young Prophecy in the News was introduced, founded by
Dr. J.R. and Linda Church, began the ministry of bringing the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to lost souls around the world. While in Lubbock, J.R. and Linda started “Western Hills Baptist Church” and pastored there for over 17 years, until they moved in 1979 to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where J.R. wanted to be closer to his twin brother. J.R.’s love for prophecy gave him the desire to reach millions of people around the world through a television program about the study of Bible prophecy. He started his program while pastoring at Western Hills. A few years later, he brought on his co-host, Gary Stearman, and together they taught the Word of God for 25 years. J.R. went home to be with the Lord in 2011, and Gary Stearman left Prophecy in the News to start his own ministry. And now we come to our 40-year celebration! Some things have changed, but our commitment to the truth in the Word of God and our enduring service to the Lord has never wavered. In our celebration of the past 40 years, we have decided to release our programs from the beginning of our ministry on several volumes of DVDs. We will release each volume of 16 programs, one at a time. Our first volume is programs from the early years when J.R. was by himself in Western Hills Baptist Church. In the following volumes, we will show the programs with J.R. and Gary, as they started in the early years and continued to preach together for 25 years. For those of you who loved watching them over the years, these volumes will be a real treasure! The lessons learned are timeless! May you enjoy our programs once again!

16 Messages in this Volume One DVD set:

                         These specially selected messages were recorded from 1977 thru 1980

All preached by Dr. J.R. Church

Disc 1
Money Masters of the World (Watch in Video Below)
Ark of the Covenant
The Rise of World Religion

Disc 2
The Conspiracy
The Russians are Coming
The Cult Of The All Seeing Eye
The Copper Scrolls
Disc 3
Decade of Destiny
Predictive Prophecies
The Numeric Values of the Olivet Discourse
Disc 4
The Nuclear Energy Hoax
United States of Europe
The Temple Scroll
The History of Golgotha & The Shroud of Turin

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Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News