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The Bible, Its Translators, and Their Sacrifices

The Bible is the most remarkable piece of literature this world has ever seen. It has outsold every other publication; it has been translated into more languages than any other, and has become part of the fabric of society. . .

“Humanly speaking, it took more than 1500 years to compile the Bible. About forty authors contributed

[to it]. . .

Some used poetry, others wrote history and yet others biography. Some were kings, but others peasants; some were warriors and others priests; some were devoted patriots and others members of an outlawed underground organization. . . .

“Some people were so committed to the belief that [the Bible] is God’s book that they were even willing to die for that proposition. And strangely, others have been willing to put them to death. . . . Supporters [of the Bible] have been hung, drawn and quartered; they have been burned, boiled and beheaded. Even in the twentieth century in some countries, men and women have been imprisoned and tortured for reading this forbidden book.

“How are we to classify the Bible?

Each of us must make up our own mind about this extraordinary book.”

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Prophecy in the News