The Millennium Meltdown

The Millennium Meltdown



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As the new millennium begins, millions of computers throughout the world will begin to crash. The lights will go out where the computers that run the electric power grid fail to make the transition to the next century. Many government agencies and businesses will be unable to function as their essential computer programs either shut down or produce false data. The failure to correct this massive problem before the Year 2000 deadline will threaten jobs, our food, and our finances.
Virtually every part of our complex society is vulnerable because every system is interlinked with sophisticated computers. The year 2000 Crisis will be the most devastating and expensive problem in history. This crisis may se the stage for the coming world government that was prophesied to arise in the last days. In light of the overwhelming danger from the Year 2000 Crisis, it is essential that we learn how to protect our family, our homes, and our finances from the approaching danger.

The Millennium meltdown will document the extent of the computer collapse and how dramatically this will impact your life. This book will outline practical strategies to protect your family from the greatest technological crisis in our lifetime.

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