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And don’t miss THE PARADIGM UNCENSORED (Album I) which will reveal what could never be revealed before.

It includes exclusive information, material, and revelations so explosive that they’re not even in the book and you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

Things I couldn’t even put in The book – or took out of the book – totally uncensored – And material in no other album – Even how the Paradigm came – The mystery of the 9th of Tammuz – The mystery of the Arch of Baal – What was in the harbinger than no one realized that has to do with what’s happening now – What the future holds:

ALBUM I includes….

  • The Master Blueprint
  • The Mystery of the King
  • Mystery of the Queen
  • The Mystery of the Nemesis

You will be stunned!

Albums I –with 4 complete DVDs including The Master Blueprint  – The Mystery of the King  – Mystery of the Queen  – The Mystery of the Nemesis –a total of 4, 1-hour DVDs

In which Jonathan Cahn will personally open for you the mysteries of the ancient blueprint that are manifesting and affecting your world right now – and what lies ahead in the future.


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