The Prophecy of Elijah's Mantle

The Prophecy of Elijah’s Mantle



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Elijah’s mantle was a prayer shawl, called a “tallit” in modern Hebrew. The pattern for the prayer shawl was first given to Moses atop Mount Sinai to represent the individual’s tabernacle. It symbolized the fact that the human body was a temple and that the brain was the site of the Holy of holies. Each morning every man stood in front of his “tent” (i.e., tallit) as the morning sacrifice was made at the brazen altar in the center of the camp. It taught the people the art of worship and prayer. Elijah used his tallit to drape over the shoulders of Elisha when calling him to be his successor. When Elijah was caught up in the heavenly chariot, he gave his tallit to Elisha. The tallit was a holy garment and used in praying for the sick. Both Elijah and Elisha placed the tallit over the bodies of dead boys when praying for the miracle of life.

Jesus also wore a tallit and used it to drape over the body of a dead girl, when he called her back to life. Someday, when Christ returns, He will be wearing a “vesture dipped in blood.” That vesture will be a recognizable Jewish tallit.

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