Product Description

Since they were unearthed in Judean caves more than fifty years ago, the 2000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls have intrigued and mystified people all over the world. Who composed these ancient texts, which include a Hebrew Bible and the rules of a Christian like religious sect? When and where they written? The answers to such questions could spark new insights into Judaism and the development of early Christianity. Gaining exclusive access to the recent investigation and restoration of the scrolls, this compelling program reveals some amazing secrets. It shows how science has proved the authenticity of the texts and established their authorship and geographic origins. The video also uses these findings to raise some tantalizing questions. Had some of the Essenes – the sect that apparently wrote the scrolls – met Jesus Christ before they abandoned Jerusalem for the desert? This program unfolds like a great mystery, a real-life mystery. It fascinates you with its secrets and leaves you closer to the truth than ever before.