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1 x The Gospel in the Stars

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1 x Witness of the Stars

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1 x Number in Scripture

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The Gospel in the Stars – Book

Written in 1882 by one of the most popular Lutheran preachers of the day, this book draws on scientific, historical, and biblical sources. It shows that not astrology, but rather the gospel of Jesus can be seen in the stars. Seiss believed that the heavens revealed God’s glory and his plan of salvation. Seiss was convinced that God had etched His good news in the heavens, that people in darkness might see and gain hope.              2015 Reprint of 1882 Edition.          Illustrated

Number in Scripture – Book

This classic book by E.W. Bullinger is an invaluable guide to the study of numbers used throughout the Bible. The first section reveals the amazing design of the numerical features in the Word of God which gives evidence of their Designer. The second section highlights the spiritual significance and symbolic connotations of numbers which are repeated in different context throughout the Bible.

Witness of the Stars – Book

This book by E. W. Bullinger builds upon ancient astronomical sources and current scientific data, Bullinger displays how the constellation witness to the accuracy of biblical truths. Jewish historian, Josephus wrote that Adam’s son Seth established the concept. Virgo, the virgin, bears the Son of God. Her seed becomes the hero who conquers the seed of the serpent. Numerous charts and diagrams included.

These were three favorite books by the late founder of Prophecy in the News, Dr. J.R. Church.

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