Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms

Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms




From the Prophetic Vault of Dr. J.R. Church

For the FIRST TIME on CD!

“I will open my dark saying upon the harp.” ~ Psalm 49:4

 At first glance, the Psalms appear to be simple songs of an ancient Jewish culture. However, could the Psalms contain cryptic references to the events of that special generation who will witness the second coming of Christ? Furthermore, could it be the Psalms were compiled in chronological order—perhaps, even numerical order—according to the events of the last century … and beyond?

For example:

  • Does Psalm 17 foretell the Turkish surrender of Jerusalem to Field Marshall Edmund Allenby in 1917?
  • Does Psalm 35 foretell the persecution of Jews by Hitler and Nazi Germany that began in 1935 and led to the Holocaust?
  • Does Psalm 48 foretell the birth of the State of Israel in 1948, after centuries of diaspora and exile?
  • Does Psalm 67 foretell the Six Days War fought between Israel and Egypt in 1967?
  • Does Psalm 79 foretell the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty signed by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin in 1979?

Join Dr. J.R. Church as he unlocks these—and many more—Incredibly Cryptic Psalms.

Disc 1

Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms (Part 1)
Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms (Part 2)
Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms (Part 3)
Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms (Part 4)

Disc 2
The Deuteronomy Psalms (Part 1)
The Deuteronomy Psalms (Part 2)
Psalm 119: The Longest Psalm in the Bible
The Psalms of Ascent

Disc 3
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Setting Up the Kingdom
The Hallelujah Psalms
The Prophetic Amen

Disc 4
BONUS: Classic songs and message by J.R. Church


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