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God’s Fingerprint Down Through the Centuries!

If you are skeptical, curious, or perhaps an adherent to the truths contained in the Bible, This book will challenge you to evaluate your spiritual condition and discover God’s plan for your life. God is in control! God has a specific plan for your life! God wants you to accept His plan of salvation so that you will be assured of a spiritually fulfilled life on this earth with the added assurance that a place has been reserved for you in heaven. Until you find God’s plan for your life, there will always be an emptiness that cannot be filled by anyone or anything this world has to offer.

The author is keenly aware of the many attempts in assign dates for the future events foretold in the Bible. Some may attempt to label these writings as such. Timeline 2000, however, does not make any predictions concerning the future and does not set any dates for future events. Although the content of the book includes the years 2000 B.C., leading up to the year 2000 A.D., the author does not suggest or imply that specific prophetic events described in the Bible will happen immediately before or after the year 2000. Only God himself knows the future!

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Prophecy in the News