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A captivating and often startling exposé filled with historical intrigue. It will leave the reader stunned at what has been manifested in the dark halls of history since the first-century church. This book is fast-paced and shocking in its examination of various man-made church traditions which have, far too often, strayed from clear Scriptural mandates. Bob Cornuke will reveal hidden secrets of the past and point the way out of the malaise of manufactured traditions by setting compass, rudder, and sails aimed directly at God’s authoritative Word. The presentation of historical facts and characters in this book will amaze, inspire, and may even cause intellectual whiplash.

Book Review by TL Farley, author of “Blast off Rapiemur – Jesus’ Imminent Shout. I Thess. 4:14

Making the Word of God of Rightful Effect
October 29, 2018

Robert Cornuke, dedicated Bible History explorer, has returned from an eight-year expedition through Christian Church history to expose practices that have hardened into traditions, some of which challenge, and even transcend the honor due only to the very Word of God.

Delving into 42 specific sore spots that have long gone gathering dust, Cornuke leads the reader into sensitive queries using as his centerpiece, and primary focal point, the Roman Catholic Church!

Given the Vatican claims of pre-eminence, their magnitudinous and consequent influence down through the ages, Cornuke admits the R.C’s have produced some of the most notably honorable practitioners of Christianity, while garnering by default of being the largest representative horde of professing believers on the planet, an expected equal number of scoundrels, hustlers, and outright villains in Christendom.

Cornuke touches briefly on Protestantism, mostly lauding the Roman Catholic priests who became the storied dissenters through the centuries, Wycliffe, Hus, Luther, et al. These defenders of Holy Writ deserve all the media available.

Yet Cornuke’s most polished efforts are his Pauline moves, “3 Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

After all, we who claim the name of Jesus, will one day meet Him face to face at the Bema.

With this prophecy looming larger as the days wax on, one can’t help but admire Cornuke’s fastidious lines as he hauls a straight course.

A follow-up volume is mouth-watering to contemplate.

This can of worms has only just been opened. And the reader rests easy, recognizing this isn’t Cornuke’s first trek through the briar patch.

Essentially, Cornuke is making the Word of God of rightful effect.

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