Unsealed Prophecy


Dan Goodwin teaches about God’s prophetic calendar and understanding and when time shall be no more! in these four DVDs of eight powerpoint presentations,  Lessons he teaches will do more for your understanding of prophetic events as well as the Christian Life.

Prophecy Unsealed (Volume One)

Disc One:
Session One – The Seven Feasts (39 min.)
Feast of Passover – Nisan 10th – 14th (our March or April), Feast of Unleavened Bread – Nisan 15th -21st, 7 days, Feast of First Fruits – First day of the week after Passover, Feast of Pentecost – 50th day after First Fruits, Four Month Gap Here, Feast of Trumpets – 1st day of the seventh month, Feast of Day of Atonement – 10th day of the seventh month, Feast of Tabernacles – 15th day of the seventh month

Session Two – The Jubilee (33 min.)
What is a Jubilee?, What happens on the Jubilee?, When is the final Jubilee?, A Jewish rabbi’s prediction of the final Jubilee.

Disc Two:
Session Three – The Barley Harvest (32 min.)What is the significance of the barley harvest in Israel and what it means to us?, What it meant in Bible days and what it means today and how it all relates to the Feast of Trumpets?, Learn why nobody can know the day or hour of the Lord’s return.

Session Four –  When time shall be no more! (42 min.)
6,000 year Earth, Where we are on the timeline, A day as 1,000 years, When did the Old Testament end?, A giant sabbatical cycle, Lessons from the Transfiguration, What day was creation?, What does Steven have to do with all of this?


Prophecy Unsealed (Volume Two)

Disc One:

Session One – The Final Generation (43 min.)
Are we the final generation?, Reasons why I believe we are the final generation, The perilous signs are given in II Timothy, The Increase of travel, The increase, and availability of knowledge, For the first time in history, one man can effectively rule the whole world, We live in a generation that for the first time in history has the power to destroy itself, The description of the lukewarm church, We are coming up on the 6,000th year of human history, The budding of the fig tree: The rebirth of Israel

Session Two – The Unknown Day (43 Min.)The rapture was a mystery in the Old Testament, The rapture was revealed to Paul after Acts 9, The rapture was unknown by anyone until Paul, The rapture is not mentioned before Acts 9 (except in figures and types), The Rapture is not mentioned in the four gospels, Jesus gave no direct reference to the rapture, The Old Testament saints were looking for the kingdom

Disc Two:

Session Three – Mystery of Babylon (47 min.)
More than one Babylon, Prophetic truths about Babylon, Satan’s false trinity, Religions and Political Babylon, Who is Babylon today

Session Four – Seven-Sealed Book (42 Min.)
What is the seven-sealed book, The Dominion of planet Earth, What is a title deed, The Kinsman Redeemer, The law of redemption

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