Unveiling the Mysteries of the Last Days

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Last Days

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Since the Bible was written, the end-time prophecies have been shrouded in mystery. Today, Christians are reading book after book on the subject of end-time interpretation. Often, the most important aspects of the Bible’s prophecies are twisted to fit the needs of a Hollywood movie. Years in the making, this new book is the work of a gifted scholar. Expertly sifting through the modern fog, David Hamblin takes an exhaustive yet readable approach to the study of the end times. Using the proven techniques of the scientific method, David has put together a system of prophecy analysis that allows for extremely complex theories to be tested against the many and varying passages of end times prophecy. He has created a massive database of the entire Bible and proceeds to use it as a roadmap to future events. The Book of Revelation will finally become clear to you once you read Hamblin’s logical and exhaustive work. Beginning with a solid faith in the Bible as the infallible Word of God, he now presents his findings. Never before has there been such a clear and concise presentation of God’s timeline for the future, along with many passages that David admits we cannot yet understand. There’s no need to be puzzled by the prophecies of the Bible any longer.

Along with his book, you will receive… a beautiful prophecy poster (24″ X 36″) This colorful poster will show you the seven distinct phases of the church age (2,000 years), the Rapture/Tribulation Transition, and then it will take you through the 7-year Tribulation. Next it will show you Jesus’ earthly reign of 1,000 years and ending with a “New Heaven & New Earth”. Endless Eternal Rewards!

This poster comes with a quick reference guide that is included with the book. Because of the size of the poster, the book will be shipped separately from the poster, but only one shipping price will be charged.
FREE BONUS DVD: Two messages by David Hamblin from our 2014 Orlando Prophecy Summit.

Those messages are…
Navigating the Revelation Roadmap
7 Timelines and The Valley of Decision: War in Heaven & the Wedding Feast

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