What Comes Next in the Middle East?

What Comes Next in the Middle East?



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According to the words of the biblical prophets, what are the next major events to unfold on God’s last days timeline?

Join internationally recognized teacher Joel Richardson as he examines some of the most revelant biblical prophecies and demonstrates how they are unfolding right now, in our day. In this dynamic DVD, featuring three sessions, you will learn not only about the next major wars about to erupt, but also the great last days Middle Eastern revival that is already beginning to sweep the region.

Session One: Recorded on the ground, in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. In this session, Joel examines the prophecy of Daniel 8, showing how this critical chapter may hold the key to understanding the next major wars of the last days.

Session Two: In this session, Joel explores the prophecy of Isaiah 19, showing how so many aspects of this oracle are beginning to unfold right now and how it will affect you.

Session Three: Finally, Joel concludes his examination of Isaiah 19, discussing the might last days prayer movement and revival that is now sweeping Egypt and the Middle East.

Running Time: Approx. 3 hours on one DVD.



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Prophecy in the News