Who is the King in America? - And Who are the Counselors to the King?

Who is the King in America? – And Who are the Counselors to the King?



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Before you answer, do you know what the most common form of government in world history is? From the invention of writing around 3,300 BC, what do the records show? Pharaohs, Chieftans, Emperors, Caesars, Sultans, Khans, Maharajas, Monarchs… Why does Power, like gravity, inevitably concentrate into the hand of One Person? How does this One Person treat his friends? His enemies? King George III was the most powerful monarch in the world. America’s founders wanted to break away from him. Was the founders’ intent to set up a government as far away from a king as possible? What previous examples did they look at? Rome? Athens? Ancient Israel? What role did pastors play in America’s new system? You will be surprised! What are the key ingredients necessary for a nation to function without a king? Was the God of Bible an integral part of this system? Is the Constitution, in effect, simply a collection of hurdles to keep power from snapping back into the hands of a king? Find out the difference between a democracy and a republic. How is socialism really just a monarchy makeover? How did past democracies and republics rise and fall? Did subversive political philosophers actually suggest tactics help them fail? Are these tactics being used in America today? What is the dangerous relationship between Islamists and LGBT activists? The surprising answers to these questions and more are in “Who is the King in America? -And Who are the Counselors to the King?”

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