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Mistaken Identity: The Case against the Islamic Antichrist

Mistaken Identity: The Case against the Islamic Antichrist By Doug Woodward

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The Next Great War in the Middle East

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Mistaken Identity: The Case against the Islamic Antichrist (Book)

If we make this assumption – that Gog is Antichrist and he is a Turk, that his powerbase is Turkey, we have to determine where Russia fits into that picture. If Gog (aka Antichrist) somehow is able to aggregate the Shia as well as Sunni peoples together to come against Israel, we have to deal with the reality that Russia still looms like a bear (an analogy that has been accepted for Russia down through the ages) ready to pounce on any nation that threatens its interests in the Middle East including Turkey. How do we reconcile what Russia would do if Turkey were to suddenly replace it as the dominating presence in the Shia Crescent? Could this geopolitical switch happen?

The Next Great War in the Middle East (Book)

Author S. Douglas tackles the turbulent and tense relationship between Russia and the United State as the backdrop to Ezekiel’s famed prophecy, the “Battle of Gog and Magog.” The author argues the specter of nuclear war looms as prelude to the prophesied war when Gog gather his great army to attack Israel. Woodward’s assessment built upon scores of timely articles composed by respected journalist and research papers written by geopolitical exerts who study the Middle East, compiling their findings and documenting why a great war may explode in the days just ahead as a result of Islamic terror, Russian militarism, and failed U.S. policies toward Iran, Iraq, Israel, and most recently the fight against ISIS in Syria. Woodward challenges popular prophetic teachings arguing the next war in the Middle East is not the “Psalm 83 War,” why Russia and not Turkey will be Ezekiel’s Gog, why advances in Russia weaponry threaten the security of the United State, and how U.S. policy is at fault for today’s instability in Syria and Iraq. Expositing Ezekiel 38-39, the author uncovers the dark forces behind Gog and shows when the event occurs during the last days.

The fate of America also comprises a major theme of this study.

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