Dr. Charles Hiltibidal was born in a lay preacher’s home in 1948. He grew up in rural southern Illinois and after 46 years of ministry, he has returned to live on the family farm with his wife, Mary, of 44 years.

He started the New Testament Baptist Church of Centralia, Illinois, after many years of assistant pastor, music, and youth director positions in three churches. He pastored the Grace Baptist Temple of Duncanville, Texas, and served there almost 18 years.

He pastored the Grace Baptist Church of Raleigh, Illinois, a rural church twenty-three miles from the farm, for over ten years. The ministry there grew from less than a dozen people to an average of 90-100 with a printing ministry, an aggressive weekly outreach, a strong missions’ program, and a sound Bible-centered church family.

He is also on the executive board of directors of the Creation Evidences Museum of Glen Rose, Texas, which started as a ministry of the Grace Baptist Temple where he pastored. His son, Mark Hiltibidal, is now the pastor of Grace Baptist Church, a very wonderful caring church family. He now serves as Pastor Emeritus and travels and speaks in churches where he speaks on Creation and the Bible, as well as prophecy and Walk Through Time conferences, as a ministry of the church.

His many years as a pastor, as well as involvement in Creation work coupled with a lifetime of study in prophecy, has led to the development of the Walk Through Time conferences that he conducts across the nation.

His five children are all involved in the ministry with their mates and families serving the Lord.  This is what he and his wife see as their greatest accomplishment and reward.