I love building things.  I love wild places.  And I love adventure.  How adventurous?  My wife and I built our own airplane so that we could fly to national parks, national forests, and wilderness areas where we love to camp, climb mountains, backpack, and snowshoe.

I have an M. Div., Th.M., and Ph.D. (Hebrew and Old Testament from Trinity International University).  For sixteen years, I taught courses in Hebrew and Old Testament at various colleges and universities in the United States.  But today my classroom is the outdoors.  I spend part of each year teaching field study classes in Israel for Jerusalem University College.

For nearly three decades, I have tried to connect with the geographical experiences of the biblical authors and poets so that I might better understand how they thought and wrote.  I have walked hundreds of miles where they walked, experienced the weather they experienced, and listened to the sounds that filled their days.  A little of me is now “from there.”  Because of that, I read the Bible differently.  I experienced what I call a geographic conversion of my Bible reading.  Details that I had missed or ignored leap off the page, offering new and exciting insights into old and familiar passages.  I am honored to share what I have learned in the books I write and the documentaries in which I appear.  My goal is simple.  I want to help others make the Bible’s geography meaningful.