Youssef, Michael

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Michael Youssef is the senior pastor of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia, and the executive president of Leading the Way. Youssef was born in Egypt, where he became a Christian, and moved to Lebanon and Australia before coming to the United States. While in Australia, Youssef studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney, was ordained as a minister, and met his wife, Elizabeth.

Youssef worked for nearly 10 years with the Haggai Institute, traveling around the world and teaching courses in evangelism and church leadership to church leaders. He founded the Church of the Apostles in 1987, and has authored more than 35 books, including popular titles “The Barbarians Are Here”, “End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi,” and “Jesus, Jihad and Peace.”

He and his wife live in Atlanta and have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News