Ron Cantrell

Ron Cantrell, and his wife Carol, have served forty years in ministry, over twenty of those years in the Middle East. For many years he was a guest speaker and wrote on issues of the Middle East, the Land of Israel and the Bible, post-war anti-semitism, Holocaust Education. Ron has authored four books: THE FEASTS OF THE LORD, THE FINAL KINGDOM, UNHOLY WAR FOR AN ISLAMIC EMPIRE, and THE MAHDI: HIJACKED MESSIAH. Through Immanuel Associated Ministries, Inc., Ron and Carol are partnering with churches and ministry leaders internationally who are passionate for God’s presence to be powerfully released for spiritual breakthroughs, transformation, and global revival. Presently based in Egypt, they seek to encourage, equip, and train believers as well as partner with God’s purposes for the region. Ron and Carol are ordained ministers through their home church, The Mission Church, in Vacaville, California. They have three children and six grandchildren. As artists, both Ron and Carol dynamically communicate their passion for Jesus, creating an environment for His manifested presence through creative expressions of music, art, writing, drama and dance.

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