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ISIS Targets the Temple Mount

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The Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement — which has been outlawed by Israel — and a small group of ISIS supporters among Israeli Arabs, are linked by a common idea: the concept of a worldwide Islamic caliphate. The unexpected combination of supporters of these two rival movements, which espouse very different ways of achieving that goal, has in [...]

Funeral Held for Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces During ‘Day of Rage’ Demonstrations – VIDEO

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Israeli Arabs arrived to the funeral of the 3 "Palestinian" terrorists who, 2 weeks ago, murdered 2 Israeli Druze policeman on the Temple Mount. During the funeral they labeled the terrorists as heroes and praised them for murdering in the name of Islam. They also chanted calls such as "...In blood, we'll free Al-Aqsa", "We are [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News