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Progressive Feminist Group Calls on Democratic Party to Adopt Definition of Anti-Semitism

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A women’s group has called on the Democratic Party to distance itself from anti-Semitism cloaked as criticism of Israel. A liberal women’s rights group is calling on the Democratic National Committee to adopt an official definition of antisemitism to combat a “rising tide” of anti-Jewish discrimination in the party. In a petition launched on Friday and [...]

South Carolina Becomes First State to Pass Bill Confronting Anti-Semitism

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The word anti-semitism means prejudice against or hatred of Jews. “Anti-Semitism, and the forces that have led to its resurgence, are not representative of the values of South Carolina,” said State Representative Alan Clemmons. South Carolina became the first state to pass legislation to protect students from anti-Semitic acts. The State Senate overwhelmingly approved the legislation, H3643, [...]

The New York Times Celebrates Reem Assil’s Anti-Semitic Café in Oakland

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The New York Times “Travel Section” has a piece by Rebecca Flint Marx entitled, “An Arab Bakery in Oakland Full of California Love.” In truth, Reem’s flatbread café is not a very loving place for Jewish people because it publicly celebrates the murders of college students Eddie Joffe and Leon Kanner. Or, at least, it is not loving towards those of us who care about our [...]

French President-Elect Macron Rules Out Recognizing Palestinian Statehood

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On the eve of the election, pro-Europe centrist Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche party—who went on to win the presidential race with 64 percent of the vote, defeating far-right populist Marine Le Pen of the National Front party—said unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would create instability and damage France’s relationship with Israel. “I defended the principle [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News