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Benny Gantz

Trump Congratulates Netanyahu; Gantz Officially Concedes Defeat

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Not long after Trump tweeted congratulations to the prime minister, the Blue and White party head promised staunch opposition to the upcoming Netanyahu-led government. Israel’s Blue and White party leaders conceded defeat in Israel’s election on Wednesday evening, saying they will work against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the opposition. Yair Lapid, the party’s No. [...]

What’s Not At Stake In Israel’s Election – Democracy

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Israeli Democracy is not endangered by another Netanyahu win, columnist Jonathan Tobin says. When Israelis vote on April 9, a lot will be riding on the outcome. But there is one thing that will not be decided in this election: whether or not Israel will remain a democratic state. Whether or not the incumbent Prime Minister [...]

Popular Former General Gantz Announces New Political Party in Israel

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Former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz was prepared with his new party ready when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated an April 9 early election, sources close to Gantz told The Jerusalem Post Thursday night. Gantz formally entered politics Thursday when the party registrar received the necessary forms for the formation of the party, which will [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News