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666 – The Unholy Number

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Cashless Society Rapidly Approaches We all love our computers. It’s one of the most fascinating instruments ever conceived by the ingenuity of man. They help us find the answers to problems that once took days or even weeks of working mathematical formulas. But, our wonderful computers are helping us issue in the new CASHLESS SOCIETY, needed [...]

Visa’s Push in its Journey to a Cashless Society

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Visa Inc. has a new offer for small merchants: take thousands of dollars from the card giant to upgrade their payment technology. In return, the businesses must stop accepting cash! The company is announcing the initiative this week as part of a broader effort to steer Americans away from using old-fashioned paper money. Visa says it [...]

In Sweden, Go to Church and Give Your Tithe…ELECTRONICALLY??

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That’s right! The “Cashless” society is now in Sweden. That step towards a One World Government and the Mark of the Beast. You say we have been a cashless society for a long time with credit cards and debit cards, but not like Sweden. As reported in the New York Times, in Sweden, parishioners text tithes [...]

A World Without Cash

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When governments talk about banning their own money, you know they are up to something. Imagine a world without paper money. Virtually all transactions are electronic—and recorded in searchable databases. Governments say everyone must have a bank account and use the system. It is supposedly an effort to make people safer by allowing officials to detect [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News