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Pope Francis Calls on Migrants to Flood the US: ‘Forget National Security’

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Pope Francis has called on migrants to flood the United States and other Western nations whilst urging world leaders to "forget about national security" concerns as immigrant's needs are "more important" than borders. The head of the Catholic Church is calling on political leaders to drop their country's current screening and deportation policies and give precedence [...]

Why Does the Catholic Church Organize Europe’s Largest Nazi Rally?

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Last weekend, around 10,000 people gathered in a field near the town of Bleiburg in southern Austria for what the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance calls the “largest regular neo-Nazi rally” in Europe. Hitler salutes, racist flags and slogans were common. Kids ran around with fascist slogans on their T-shirts. Featured guests gave speeches defending fascism. Efraim Zuroff, [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News