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Dark Side of Moon

China Broadcasts Spacecraft Pictures From Moon’s Far Side

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BEIJING (AP) — China on Friday broadcast pictures taken by its rover and lander on the moon’s far side, in what its space program hailed as another triumph for the groundbreaking mission to the less-understood sector of the lunar surface. The pictures on state broadcaster CCTV showed the Jade Rabbit 2 rover and the Chang’e 4 [...]

China Explores Dark Side of the Moon

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In case anyone had forgotten about Chinese ingenuity and adventure, state broadcaster CCTV said that a Chinese lunar rover had landed on the “dark side” of the moon – registering a significant advance in space exploration. Chang’e-4 – named after the moon goddess in Chinese mythology – a robotic probe, has sent back the first shot [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News