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Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery Reveals Hidden Script

By |May 2nd, 2018|Tags: , , , , , , |

New discovery: advanced imaging technology – developed especially for the Dead Sea Scrolls and located at the Scrolls’ conservation labs of the Israel Antiquities Authority – revealed script that could not be seen until now. During the 1950s, tens of thousands parchment and papyrus fragments written 2000 years ago and belonging to approximately 1,000 different manuscripts were discovered [...]

Palestinian Claim to Dead Sea Scrolls May Be Next Up at UNESCO

By |March 22nd, 2018|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

The next “prize” the Palestinians will likely claim as their own at UNESCO will probably be the archeological site of Qumran and its Dead Sea Scrolls, Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Wednesday. He spoke at a panel on the denial of Jewish history in international organizations at the Foreign Ministry-sponsored sixth Global [...]

20 Dead Sea Scrolls in Major Israeli Antiquities Exhibition in Denver, CO

By |March 20th, 2018|Tags: , , , , , , |

Fascinating manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls collection will appear in public for the first time as part of the new Israel Antiquities Authority exhibition opening at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature will open at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature on March 16. The large-scale exhibition features some 600 artifacts, including a stone weighing [...]

Israeli Researchers Decipher One of the Last Unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls

By |January 22nd, 2018|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

After over a year of piecing together dozens of tiny and ancient fragments, two Haifa University researchers have successfully reconstructed and deciphered one of the last two unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls, finding a unique 364-day calendar from the Second Temple period. Two Haifa University researchers have reconstructed and deciphered one of the last two unpublished Dead [...]

How Ancient Jews Dated Years

By |September 21st, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

L’Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah During the First Jewish Revolt against Rome(66–70 C.E.), which ended with the destruction of the Temple, Jews minted their own coins dated to the first, second, third, fourth and, more rarely, even fifth year of the revolt. In other words, dating began with the beginning of the [...]

Hebrew University Archaeologists Find 12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave

By |February 8th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , |

Excavations in a cave on the cliffs west of Qumran, near the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, prove that Dead Sea scrolls from the Second Temple period were hidden in the cave, and were looted by Bedouins in the middle of the last century. With the discovery of this cave, scholars now suggest that it [...]

Palestinian Authority Demands ‘Return’ of Dead Sea Scrolls

By |November 8th, 2016|Tags: , , , |

The Palestinian Authority is reportedly preparing to demand that United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) force Israel to “return” the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Palestinians. During a meeting convened by the U.N.’s cultural body last month, Eitan Klein, who serves as the deputy director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, was told that the [...]

Oldest Hebrew mention of Jerusalem found on rare papyrus from 7th century BCE

By |October 26th, 2016|Tags: , , , |

Reference to consignment of wineskins ‘to Jerusalem’ appears on 2,700-year-old First Temple-era scrap believed plundered from Judean Desert cave A rare, ancient papyrus dating to the First Temple Period — 2,700 years ago — has been found to bear the oldest known mention of Jerusalem in Hebrew. The fragile text, believed plundered from a cave in [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News