Prophecy in the News:

Embassy in Jerusalem

Century’s Longest ‘Blood Moon’ Stokes Doomsday Fears

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Celestial event triggers apocalyptic predictions from Evangelicals linking the lunar eclipse to the U.S. Jerusalem embassy move. A rare astronomical event set to take place this week could herald the “end of days,” according to some who have been following the “blood moon” phenomenon, with a number of Evangelical leaders even linking the celestial event to [...]

Media Does Hamas’ Dirty Work, Claims Israel Is Killing ‘Protesters’

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That’s a Lie! These violent riots are happening just outside of Israeli communities. How would you feel if this was in your backyard? On Monday, in an attempt to depict America’s decision to open its embassy in Jerusalem as a provocative act of incitement, Hamas-backed terrorists attacked the Gaza border en masse, seeking to harm Israeli soldiers [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News