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South Africa Calls for 300,000 Gun Owners to Turn Over Their Weapons

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South Africa is opening the door to tyranny. The Constitutional Court of South Africa recently ruled that 300,000 gun owners must turn in their firearms. This judgment came in response to the North Gauteng High Court’s ruling in 2017 which said Section 24 and Section 28 of the Firearm’s Control Act was unconstitutional. A report from [...]

Islamist compounds all over US stockpiling weapons in preps for “Jihad against Trump” – VIDEO

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As first reported in December, 2016 by Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network, multiple confidential sources inside of a powerful jihadist group within the United States have informed the Christian Action Network and the Clarion Project that members have been told to arm themselves in anticipation of raids by the Trump Administration. The Pakistan-based spiritual leader [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News