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Organizing a 70,000 Strong Pro-Israel Rally in India

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Embracing the Mediterranean is a tiny nation called Israel. Even in terms of population it is extremely small compared to the global population. Yet the entire world is fixated on this nation. And such is the fixation that anti-Semitism or hate against the Jewish state of Israel transcends every national boundary, race, religion and language. Is [...]

‘Big Brother’ in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances

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Seeking to build an identification system of unprecedented scope, India is scanning the fingerprints, eyes and faces of its 1.3 billion residents and connecting the data to essentials like welfare benefits and mobile phones. Civil libertarians are horrified, viewing the program, called Aadhaar, as Orwell’s Big Brother brought to life. To the government, it’s more like [...]

Netanyahu ‘disappointed’ by Modi’s Rejection of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

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NEW DELHI, India — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he was “disappointed” by India’s refusal to back recognition of Jerusalem as his country’s capital but would not let it spoil his landmark visit to the Asian giant. Netanyahu also vowed that Israel would “catch up” with the killers of a Jewish couple murdered in 2008 [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News