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Iran-Israel Conflict

Israel Places Embassies on Alert Over Iran Threat, Ramps Up Air Defenses

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With Iran unwilling to walk back threats to the Jewish state and other regional rivals, Israel took precautions to protect its borders and its citizens worldwide. On Tuesday, reports surfaced in Israel that the nation’s military altered air defenses to adjust to current threats posed by Iran. In addition, a number of Israeli embassies across the [...]

Iran: We can destroy Israel in less than half an hour

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Iran’s National Security chairman emphasized that the military has been working on new ways to take advantage of their enemy’s weaknesses. In an interview with Iran’s Channel 5 earlier this month, the chairman of Iran’s National Security Agency threatened Israel and America if either country made a “mistake” against Iran, reports MEMRI. “If Israel or America [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News