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Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps

Iran Fires Back at Trump Declaring U.S. ‘State Sponsor of Terror’ Amid Chants of ‘Death to America’

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Tehran’s countermoves against President Trump’s declaration also included designating U.S. troops in the region as terrorists. Iran is countering U.S. President Donald Trump’s designation of its Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization with its own declaration that the U.S. is a “state sponsor of terrorism” and that American forces in the region are “terrorist groups,” says Al-Jazeera, [...]

Iranian Militant Threatens to Open ‘Gates of Hell’ on U.S. Military

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An Iranian military leader on Tuesday threatened to open the "gates of Hell" on the U.S. military if the Trump administration moves to attack Iranian-backed forces in Iraq, according to new threats that come on the heels of the Islamic Republic declaring that it will not engage in direct talks with President Donald Trump. Iran has [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News