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Iran Appoints New IRGC Commander Who Aims to ‘Annihilate’ Israel

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Iran has appointed as the next head of its Revolutionary Guards Corps, or IRGC, a veteran fighter who spearheaded a series of policies to develop advanced missiles capable of "annihilating" Israel, an announcement that comes just weeks after the Trump administration designated the entire IRGC as a terrorist entity. Over the weekend, Iran announced that Maj. [...]

Iranian Commander: We Can Defeat Israel in Three Days

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The Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Hossein Salami, is continuing to threaten Israel. Speaking on Thursday at a conference in the city of Mashhad, Salami declared that, in case of a new war, Israel will be defeated within three days. The commander said, according to the Tasnim news agency, that “strategic capacity” has been [...]

House Lawmakers Introduce New Sanctions on Iran

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Congressmen Ed Royce and Eliot Engel introduce new bill that would sanction companies and entities linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. A new 27-page bill introduced at the House of Representatives on Thursday would sanction companies and entities linked to Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), reported The National news website. The bill, sponsored by Republican congressman and House Foreign [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News