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Israel Air Force

Israel Air Force Bombs Hamas Headquarters in Northern Gaza

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The Israel Air Force resumed air strikes against Gaza terrorists on Thursday evening in response to rocket fire aimed at southern Israel from the enclave since Wednesday. Israeli fighter pilots bombed a five-story office building in Rimal, in northern Gaza, described as “Hamas Internal Security Headquarters.” According to the IDF Spokesperson, the interior security unit of [...]

IDF Destroys Terror Tunnel in Massive and Powerful Strike

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Attack tunnel near main humanitarian crossing one of 35 targets struck by IAF in response to mortar barrage this morning. An IDF spokesperson confirmed that the Israel Air Force (IAF) struck 35 terrorist targets in seven terrorist compounds belonging to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip Tuesday. Six military compounds were [...]

Russia: Israel Fired 70 Missiles at Iranian Targets in Syria

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The Russian Defense Ministry released details on the massive Israeli strike against Iranian military targets inside Syria. 28 Israel Air Force (IAF) F-15 and F-16 fighter jets participated in a massive airstrike on Iranian targets in Syria and some 70 rockets were fired, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The Ministry on Thursday released details on the massive [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News