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Israeli Archaeology

Magnificent Staircase Unearthed at Tel Hatzor

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The 30th season of excavations at Tel Hatzor is being completed on the northern slopes of the upper city—which face the lower city. The work of exposing the ancient city’s administrative palace is also underway, after parts of the palace have already been exposed in previous seasons. Tel Hazor (Hebrew: תל חצור), also Hatzor ( חצור) and Tell el-Qedah [...]

1,700-Year-Old Inscription Bearing Name of Ancient City Found in Negev

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The discovery of the name of an ancient city in archaeological investigations is a relatively rare occurrence. Israeli archaeologists have recently uncovered a 1,700-year-old inscription in Greek bearing the name of the city of “Elusa,” known in modern Israel as Halutza, during excavations at the ancient city in the Negev. The discovery of the name of [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News