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Israeli Defense Forces

BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Army Strikes Terror Targets Against Hamas Along Length of Gaza Strip

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The IDF began a reprisal against Hamas in the Gaza Strip following the early morning rocket attack that struck a home deep inside Israel, injuring seven. The Israeli Defense Forces have started attacking Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip on Monday. “At this hour the IDF is beginning to attack terror targets belonging to the [...]

ISRAEL UNLEASHED: Jerusalem Warns ‘If it Rains in Israel, it Will POUR in Iran’

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Israeli officials issued a stark threat to leaders in Tehran Thursday after an “unprecedented attack” destroyed dozens of Iranian targets inside Syria; saying “If it rains in Israel it will pour in Iran.” The threat comes just hours after 70 missiles rained down on military installations, warehouses, air strips, and other targets throughout Syria; killing at [...]

HIGH ALERT: Israeli Forces Deployed After ‘Unusual’ Moves by Iranian Military

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Israeli officials deployed their defense forces and opened bomb shelters along the state’s northern border Tuesday after detecting “unusual” moves by the Iranian military operating inside Syria. According to Reuters, the Israeli Defense Forces “increased its readiness” in a direct response to the “movements of Iranian forces inside Syria.” “Following the identification of irregular activity of Iranian [...]

Israel Blows Up Terror Tunnel, Kills Terrorists

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On Monday afternoon, Israeli Defense Forces destroyed a network of terror tunnels near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, according to AFP. The Times of Israel reported at least seven terrorists were killed, although other estimates ran as high as 12: The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry said four of the dead were Islamic Jihad members, including two senior commanders, Arafat Abu Murshad, [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News