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‘There will be no peace without 1967 lands’

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Representatives of Palestinian Arab organizations, who participated in a Russian-sponsored conference in Moscow, issued a joint statement stressing the common desire to work toward unity in the Palestinian camp and an end to the split. The statement said that the Palestinians have the right to fight the "occupation" using all legitimate means and methods, as well [...]

‘This is Not Mythology’: Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Driving along the route known as the Way of the Patriarchs in Samaria, the heart of biblical Israel, you'll come to ancient Shiloh. The Bible says this is the place where Joshua parceled out the Promised Land to the 12 tribes of Israel. It's also where the Tabernacle of the Lord stood for [...]

US: UN Cannot Take Away Jerusalem

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This year, the United States affirmed its friendship with Israel by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. However, the United Nations still will not recognize the Jewish people's eternal Holy City. But Israel Hayom tells us that both Donald Trump and the American Ambassador to Israel has reaffirmed this recognition on Hanukkah: U.S. Ambassador to Israel David [...]

Palestinians Ask World Court to Order US Embassy Out of Jerusalem

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The Palestinians filed a lawsuit with the United Nations highest court asking the international body to order the United States to move its embassy out of Jerusalem. The lawsuit was filed by the State of Palestine with the International Court of Justice, or World Court, on Friday, Reuters reported. The lawsuit argues the Vienna Convention of [...]

Trump: ‘If Israelis and the Palestinians Want One State, That’s Fine’

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US President says he prefers two-state solution but will accept anything that Israel and the PA agree upon. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday expressed optimism that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) could be reached. Speaking with reporters in New York, Trump-related to his earlier comments in a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin [...]

Jewish Holidays, But No Jews Allowed on Temple Mount

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The joy of Rosh Hashanah will be lessened this year as Jews will be prohibited from entering their holy sites, forced to stand outside and peer in as Muslims celebrate their own holidays. Rosh Hashanah begins Sunday evening and ends Tuesday evening. The second day of the Jewish holiday coincides with the Arabic Hijri New Year. [...]

US Ambassador to Israel Declares “Iran Will Enter the Dustbin of History” (VIDEO)

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In a Jewish New Years toast last night at the Ambassador’s residence, the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman made it quite clear that Iran will join other evil regimes in the dustbin of history. Rosh Hashana, New Years Toast The US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, hosted a special toast for the New Year at [...]

Bolton Meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem to Discuss Iran

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JERUSALEM (AP) — President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton has met with Israel’s prime minister in Jerusalem to discuss Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement Sunday saying the premier looked forward to discussing ways to roll back what he described as “Iran’s aggression in the region.” Bolton was quoted by Israeli [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Dozens of Palestinians Riot at Temple Mount

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Severe clashes between Muslim worshipers and Israeli security forces near the Temple Mount were reported on Friday in the early afternoon after Friday prayers. According to the Jerusalem Police Spokesperson, when the prayer service on the Temple Mount ended,  rioters began firing fireworks directly at police forces. The Jerusalem district commander Yoram Halevy ordered police forces [...]

‘Earthquakes Are An Attempt To Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque’

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Maal Zakarna, a columnist for Jordan's Ad-Dustour daily claimed several days ago that Israel caused the recent earthquakes by testing nuclear weapons or a new type of weapon underground. While nuclear testing does cause the ground to shake, the earthquakes it produces are unique enough that seismologists have been able to differentiate between nuclear tests and earthquakes for decades. MEMRI [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News