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Jewish History

Israeli Kids Discover 1,600-Year-Old Gold Coin in Galilee

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1,600 years after the edict of the Emperor Theodosius II led to the abolishment of the post of the Nasi prince of the Sanhedrin, a group of school students found rare evidence reflecting this dramatic moment in Jewish history. In February 2019, four ninth-grade students on a navigation hike in the fields alongside the Zippori stream [...]

City of David Tells Tale of Jewish History (VIDEO)

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Jewish Connection to Jerusalem The Jewish people have had ties to Jerusalem for thousands of years. Centuries before the United Nations came into existence. Centuries before all the people who deny this Jewish connection were around. Yet, the facts just don’t seem good enough. Those fighting against this Jewish connection don’t care about the facts. History [...]

Archaeology is Changing the (SUR)FACE of Jerusalem

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Archaeology provides the most powerful proof of the authenticity of Jewish history and the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and particularly, Jerusalem. RECENT EXCAVATIONS in and around Jerusalem’s Old City are helping to understand what the city looked like two and three thousand years ago. In an area below the southern [...]

Top Holy Menorah Discoveries on Eve of Hanukkah

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The seven-branched Menorah that stood in the inner sanctum of the Jewish Temple, now the centerpiece of the holiday of Hanukkah that begins on Tuesday evening, has left its mark throughout all of Jewish history and is making a comeback in the most unlikely ways. Archaeologists Discover Muslim Artifacts Inscribed With Menorah, Proving Jerusalem’s Jewish Identity [...]

How the King James Bible Came to Be

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Precisely 451 years after the June 19, 1566, birth of King James I of England, one achievement of his reign still stands above the rest: the 1611 English translation of the Old and New Testaments that bears his name. The King James Bible, one of the most printed books ever, transformed the English language, coining everyday phrases like “the [...]

Can We Prevent Another Holocaust?

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Not everyone could have been instrumental in saving 5,000 Jews or even 45 Jews. But what if more citizens of Europe had chosen to do something for the Jews as opposed to remain bystanders at best? Jewish history is punctuated with important milestones –both negative and positive– such as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem [...]

The day Israel tore the United Nations to shreds

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In 1975 Chaim Herzog – later the sixth President of Israel -  delivered a firebrand speech to the UN General Assembly vehemently rejecting its resolution that equated Zionism with racism. It has been described as “one of the great speeches of the 20th century.” 1975’s infamous UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 had been promoted by the Soviet and [...]

You Will Never See a Video About Israel More Important Than This One!

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Scroll down to watch a monumental analysis of biblical prophecy and world history! Watch the beauty and the truth in this clip as the words of the prophets come alive through pictures and thoughtful narrative. Watch Jewish destiny unfold before your eyes and begin to understand what is so astonishing about the chronicles of the Jewish [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News