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Islamic State Urges ‘All Out War’ on West for Ramadan: ‘Attack Them in Their Homes’

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Islamist and jihadi organizations encourage their followers to carry out violent attacks on Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims, when terrorist groups especially encourage and value martyrdom. There is usually a spike in jihadi attacks during the holy month, expected to start on Friday this year. A suicide car bomber has killed 18 people in the [...]

Chinese Supercomputers Threaten U.S. Security

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China is eclipsing the United States in developing high-speed supercomputers used to build advanced weapons, and the loss of American leadership in the field poses a threat to U.S. national security. That’s the conclusion of a recent joint National Security Agency-Energy Department study, based on an assessment of China’s new supercomputer called the TaihuLight. “National security requires the [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News