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Jihadis Are Making Their Way Into U.S. Politics (VIDEO)

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How can American citizens allow Muslim extremists to make their way into U.S. politics? If they don’t support American values, they should be barred. Rashida Tlaib in U.S. Politics Rashida Tlaib is a “Palestinian” congressional candidate in Michigan. There are many problems with Tlaib running for Congress. One major problem is that she won’t admit that [...]

HOLIDAY WARNING: ISIS Training Jihadis in Caribbean Tourist Hotspots to Target Westerners

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The barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) will train jihadis in Caribbean tourist hotspots when fighters are forced to return home from Syria and Iraq where the terror cult has been smashed. Fears are growing Western holidaymakers will be targeted in terror attacks by depraved terrorists who have traveled back to Trinidad and Tobago from the beaten caliphate. [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News