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The Rise of the Islamocrats

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Muslims are embraced by the left as a natural ally. More than 90 Muslims, nearly all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year.  Many are young and politically inexperienced, and most are long shots. According to the Pew report, fully two thirds of U.S. Muslims identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party [...]

Threat of Homegrown Extremism Mounting in the U.S.

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House report tracks eight percent increase in jihadist cases over past month. Cases of homegrown extremism have increased over the past month, posing a mounting threat to United States security, according to a new House Homeland Security Committee report released Monday. The United States has recorded 39 homegrown jihadist cases across 20 states over the past [...]

Trump Targets ISIS: U.S. Marines Just Landed In Syria

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The United States is entering the next phase in its battle to destroy the jihadist cancer of ISIS. Taking the fight to ISIS’ capital, U.S. Marines have landed in Syria to supply artillery to the anti-ISIS coalition looking to launch an offensive campaign. The United States is entering the next phase in its battle to destroy [...]

C.A.I.R. IS HAMAS: How the Federal Government Proved that the Council on American Islamic Relations is a Front for Terrorism

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(Washington, D.C.): Since its founding in 1993, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has presented itself publicly as a benign Muslim American “civil rights organization.”  From that time to this, however, the United States government has known that CAIR actually is an entity founded by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise: Hamas, a group officially designated [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News