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King David

Seal Discovered in Jerusalem Bearing Name of One of King David’s Sons

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For the first time ever, a seal imprint has been found bearing a name that appears in the Bible – the name of one of King David’s sons, Adenyahu. An ancient seal, perhaps the personal ring of one of King David’s sons, was discovered last month in dirt excavated six years ago. A 2,600-year-old bulla, or [...]

Archaeological Sifting Project Confirms Biblical Account of Solomon and David

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Archeologists in Jerusalem say they have uncovered evidence from the Temple Mount that appears to corroborate large sections of the Bible’s description of religious practice in the ancient city. Speaking to reporters during an exhibition of artifacts removed from the Temple Mount by Islamic officials in 1999, Prof. Gabriel Barkay, an adjunct professor of archaeology at [...]

Study Confirming Existence of 53 Scriptural Figures Reflects Growing Academic Trend That Bible Is True

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Hallelujah! The world is beginning to wake up! A recently published academic study which proves the historical existence of at least 53 Biblical figures may represent a recent trend in the academic and archaeological world giving unprecedented credibility to the truth of the Bible. Lawrence Mykytiuk, a Purdue University Libraries professor, recently confirmed in a study [...]

Canaanite Fortress Discovered in the City of David

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Excavations around the Gihon Spring in the City of David have uncovered a massive 3,800-year-old fortress. Called the “Spring Citadel” by archaeologists, the discovery is part of a 19-year excavation led by Professor Ronny Reich of the University of Haifa and Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority. This enormous 18th-century B.C.E. structure that isolates and protects the [...]

This latest archaeological discovery in southern Israel bolsters the Bible’s recounting of events

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A copper-smelting site and an ancient wall dating back to the 10th century BCE have been excavated at the Timna copper mines antiquities site in southern Israel’s Arava desert region, lending credence to the biblical story of the capture of Edom in the time of King David. The well-fortified wall once ran for hundreds of meters and stood [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News