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Kurdish Forces

Kurdish Forces Mobilize in Syria Amid Worries Turkey Will Invade Region

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Kurdish forces allied with the US issued a “general mobilization” call Wednesday in northeastern Syria amid worries of a “humanitarian catastrophe” from an expected invasion by Turkey. Turkey has long threatened an assault on Kurdish fighters in Syria whom Ankara considers terrorists — but expectations for an attack rose after President Trump abruptly announced Sunday that US troops would [...]

ISIS Fighters Are Surrendering ‘En Masse’ In Iraq

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Soldiers who promised to be martyrs for the Caliphate are surrendering "en masse," according to Kurdish forces. ISIS fighters, they say, have been turning themselves in by the hundreds after realizing they won't be fed or paid for their contribution to the cause. "More than a thousand" Islamic State fighters have already passed through processing, TheNew York Times reports, [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News