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Lions' Gate

JERUSALEM: Muslims Warn Religious War Is Imminent, Others Say It Has Already Begun

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At the Lions Gate, Palestinians insist metal detectors are part of an Israeli Temple Mount power grab, to be resisted at all cost. A week later, since Israel had barred men below 50-years-old from entering the Old City, only a few young men roamed through the crowd — overwhelmingly locals of the walled city — handing [...]

Temple Mount attack: Israel Police to arrest Hebron mufti suspected of incitement

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Hebron Mufti Muhammad Maher Maswadah is suspected of making provocative remarks during a sermon he delivered mere hours following the Temple Mount attack and the closing of the compound. The intended arrest comes two days after the Jerusalem mufti was arrested following prayer at the Lion’s Gate. The Israel Police has called for the arrest of [...]

Israeli Police Officers Shot Dead in Jerusalem Temple Mount Attack – VIDEO

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Two Israeli police officers have been shot dead and three gunmen killed during an early-morning shootout in one of Jerusalem’s most holy and sensitive sites, the entrance of the Temple Mount. The attack – involving three Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin – took place just after 7am in the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif complex in Jerusalem. It [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News