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Moon Landing

SpaceIL Releases Initial Findings Behind Failed Lunar Landing

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The Genesis spacecraft crashed due to a sensor failure that created a cascading effect leading to the main engine shutdown minutes before touchdown. An initial investigation into last week’s failed landing of the Israeli lunar module Beresheet (or, “Genesis”) has found that a technical malfunction led to the main engine’s shutdown during the critical last minutes [...]

Israeli Spacecraft Crashes in Attempt to Land on Moon

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While the Israeli craft did not successfully land on the moon on Thursday evening, both the prime minister and president expressed hope for the future of Israeli space exploration. An Israeli spacecraft has failed in its attempt to make history as the first privately funded lunar mission. The SpaceIL spacecraft lost contact with Earth late Thursday, [...]

Israel’s Lunar Spacecraft Attempting Historic Touchdown on the Moon Today! – VIDEO

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The Israeli moon lander Beresheet will attempt to make history on Thursday as the first spacecraft built by the private sector to safely land on the moon. If it’s successful, the unmanned spacecraft, built by the nonprofit group SpaceIL in conjunction with Israel Aerospace Industries, would herald a new era in moon research involving the private [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News