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Mike Huckabee: Our Values Are Collapsing – How Can We Be Shocked By The Decline Of Civility, Spread of Hate?

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There is no doubt that America has become more divided, less cohesive, and a lot less civil over the last few decades. It’s a phenomenon that commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have noticed and reflected on for years. Conservatives often point to the proliferation of liberal indoctrination in academia or an increasingly ideological and activist news media. Those on the [...]

Alabama Amendment to Put Ten Commandments in Schools Gets a Big Boost

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On Friday, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill came out in support of two constitutional amendments that will be on the November 6 ballot. One would authorize the display of the Ten Commandments on state property, including schools, and the other would support the "sanctity of unborn life" in Alabama's constitution. The amendment authorizing the display of the [...]

Three Men Marry Each Other, Demonstrating the Slippery Slope of Morals

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Society can’t deny that there is slippery slope when it comes to sex and the changing ideas about biblical standards, Michael Brown, host of the Line of Fire radio program, writes in a column for Charisma News. “It's becoming increasingly difficult to deny the reality of the slippery slope,” he writes. “The logical next step is to [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News