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Temple Mount attack: Israel Police to arrest Hebron mufti suspected of incitement

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Hebron Mufti Muhammad Maher Maswadah is suspected of making provocative remarks during a sermon he delivered mere hours following the Temple Mount attack and the closing of the compound. The intended arrest comes two days after the Jerusalem mufti was arrested following prayer at the Lion’s Gate. The Israel Police has called for the arrest of [...]

1,000-Man Mob Attack Police, Set Germany’s Oldest Church Alight on New Year’s Eve

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AT NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATIONS IN DORTMUND A MOB OF MORE THAN 1,000 MEN CHANTED ‘ALLAHU AKHBAR’, LAUNCHED FIREWORKS AT POLICE, AND SET FIRE TO A HISTORIC CHURCH. Already by 7 pm a man was hospitalised with first-degree burns to his face and hands after fireworks were hurled at a group of homeless people outside the [...]

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News